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Hi There!

Appreciate you stopping by. If you need a host for a project, shoot me an email: Sorry to say, though, that Future Thunder is no longer in the business of producing DRTV!

I have become an officer in Unequal Technologies Company, which markets a line of products all of which contain ballistics grade Kevlar® to reduce impact shock and blunt force trauma in a variety of different military, sports and footwear products. I know owner/creator Rob Vito since I produced and hosted his award-winning AutoLock infomercials in the early 2000's and when this opportunity came along it was too good to pass up.

Kevlar is that stuff that stops a bullet in bullet-resistant vests. Rob owns 67 patents and patents pending worldwide on a 3-layer composite that can be made in varying thicknesses (basically, we coat Kevlar). The Unequal patents allow Kevlar to do what it can't do by itself. Protective characteristics are astounding. And the world is beating a path to our door.

Ask Tony Romo, Cowboys or Michael Vick, Eagles or James Harrison, Steelers or the entire SMU team or world record holder Levi LaVallee. We reduce the possibility of injury significantly. Lab data confirms it.

I am EVP of Creative Development and Media and basically do what I did for Future Thunder for 20+ years but now am one thousand per cent focused on Unequal!

If we know each other from the past, love to hear from you! If we have not met, feel free to email and let me know what's on your mind.

All the best,

Jim Caldwell

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